Welcome to the Lodi chapter of the Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine, a non-profit organization created to promote American wines and wine producing regions; to introduce and recognize quality wines from around the world; and to rekindle the respect of wine and wine culture for mankind and country.

Events include a formal induction ceremony as well as more casual luncheons, dinners, wine tastings, picnics and seminars. The Brotherhood has many chapters throughout the country. For those persons who are interested in joining the Lodi Chapter, please visit our membership page.


Around the year 1050, the first wine brotherhoods were formed in France. Members were Knights appointed by the King to serve as administrators of the royal vineyards and protect the royal family and visiting dignitaries from being poisoned by those who coveted the royal throne and power. Today, wine brotherhoods can still be found throughout the world, sharing both formal or informal affiliations and common purposes. Read More


The Brotherhood was established in 1964 by Norman E. Gates who followed the philosophy of ancient wine brotherhoods by honoring wine, country and mankind. He created our organization to unite those people who produce wine, those who sell it, and those who appreciate it. Mr. Gates, who is now….


When we get together we have FUN! We take our calling seriously but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Whether you are a novice wine lover or an accredited wine expert, you will enjoy out gatherings both formal and casual.

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